Avoid the crowds at the Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum - Skip the line

When visiting the capital of France you cannot miss out on visiting the Louvre Museum in Paris. But you will not be the only one with that idea, as many want to see the Mona Lisa and much more. But perhaps you can beat them by skipping the line at the Louvre Museum.

Buying tickets in advance

The first and most easy way to skip the lines at the Louvre Museum is by buying your tickets in advance. These tickets can be bought online but should be picked up at the reseller stores  and not at the Louvre it self. You pay a small fee for buying these tickets online, but don’t worry it is only 60 cents. Skipping the lines at the Louvre Museum may give you a couple more hours to visit the museum it self, which is very large.

Using a Paris Museum Pass

The Paris Museum Pass can be bought for 2,4 or 6 days. Whether the Museum Pass is worth it is your call, but you can use it to visit any museum that participates (which is a lot) and on the bonus side you get to skip the lines for every museum including the Louvre Museum.

Free Sunday visit

From October to March admission to the Louvre is free but you cannot skip  the line at this day, fortunately during these periods the lines are not that long and it saves you 13€.


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