Roma Pass, is it worth buying?


At the most cities you visit there is a chance to buy a card that covers many attractions (or at least gives discount to) and often it includes public transportation. But are these passes always worth buying?

In Rome you can buy the Roma Pass at a steep price of 36€ wondering if is worth your money.

It includes free access to the two sights you visit first and a discount at the sites you probably will not visit. You can skip the line at the Colosseum with your Roma Pass. It is valid for 3 days and you can go on any public transport during this period.

Roma Pass Breakdown

Let’s say you visit the most expensive sights at first which would be the entrance to the Colosseum (12€)  and the Galleria Borghese (14€), although most people will use it for the Castel Sant’Angelo (10,5€).

These attractions counted makes up for most of the pass, which will leave you 10€ left for public transportation. Each ticket you buy for transportation costs about 1,5€.

So in 3 days time you will have to take bus/metro at least 7 times or 2+ times a day. If you are booked in the city center you will do everything by foot and I doubt you will take the public transportation more then 2 times…

When visiting the Castel Sant’ Angelo, you will have to ride the public transportation 9 times in 3 days before you can make it work…

Let’s say you booked your ticket of the Colosseum ahead of time and payed the reservation fee of 2€, you still have at least 6 rides on public transportation. So you will have to see if this is worth your money…


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